An incredible technology first for a South African Sports Club with a ‘Vanguard Vision’ for its club and members.

6 months ago the Executive Board of The Sandton Sports Club embarked on a digital transformation journey with BrightGiants Ltd to re-invent their online engagement strategy for new and existing members.

What was devised was a combination of New Website Technology integrated with a Digital Membership card (provided by CARDSKIPPER ) carefully mapped to the various sports clubs’ social media content engine to create a ‘perfect storm’ of online membership on-boarding and digital engagement.

A new Sandton Sports Club member can join the club through a simple membership application process and then depending on payment preferences receive their digital membership card in real time.

Existing club members are linked to their digital membership card via a unique bar -code giving them access to the many sports and leisure activities. This also give the various club facilities and opportunity to market and communicate directory with members directly

Ongoing communications are delivered free of charge to a data-driven digital membership card. The communication posts to the Digital Card can be sponsor led, information and news content led or direct membership message updates.

Ongoing membership renewals and vital membership information is delivered real-time to the members digital card. The newly developed Sandton Sports Club Website remains a pivotal communications point for all club activities.

Thank you to the Sandton Sports club for its pioneering spirit, always looking to put the members first.

Mark-John Cartmell
CEO- BrightGiants Ltd

‘People never care how much you know until they know how much you care’. John Maxwell