SANDTON – The Sandton Sports Club has recently added more facilities to the club.
February 2, 2019

The Sandton Sports Club has made several improvements to the club over the years that offer residents various activities.

In addition to the sports facilities which boast tennis, soccer, parkour and running, in addition to a family restaurant, a new fitness centre and gym were recently opened at the club.

The new gym, Once Active Gym is independently owned but operates within the mandate of the Sandton Sports Club.

The new development offers a high-performance fitness centre with a strong outdoor focus. It offers personal training, biokinetics, dietetics, chiropractics and comprehensive health assessments.

Dorian Cabral the owner of Once Active said the new gym opened in October last year and construction was completed about six weeks prior to that.

Cabral has been in the industry for 24 years and boasts more than 45 000 hours in personal training. He said the aim was to not only help people reach their fitness goals but also to help people personally. He added that there was a big problem in the country with highly stressed people and he believed the fitness industry was very one dimensional. “I felt that after looking at the industry it needs to be more balanced and thus I created my own methodology.”

The focus of his methodology starts with a fitness assessment.

“Everyone is different and have different needs so we couldn’t have just one type of class. There needs to be more variety.”

The gym also has their own mobile application which users can use to track their progress. On the application, the user can add their statistics from several categories that are tested in the assessment.

“Measurables are very important and by using them people find them extremely helpful. Through my methodology and assessment, I realised that we were able to change people’s lives.

“I found that more people’s lives have been changed through dealing with the people because it wasn’t just about aesthetically pleasing results, but helping a person with back problems pick up their kid again.”

Gia Sinclair, a committee member at the club said there was great synergy between the different sports on offer at the club.

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